Over the years, it has dawned on me that most people do not appreciate what an artwork holds. We all snap pictures with our phones or make some random drawings on paper. However, many cannot place a value on these things. This is the major inspiration behind Valdvisuals.

Valdvisuals is a result of the merging of my two brands (Valdgraphics and Valdpixels). I desire to reach out to more people and help them understand the value of art while showcasing my talent. Hence, the birth of this unique brand.

Valdvisuals is a brand built on creativity, passion, and consistency. With the readiness to wear our hearts on our sleeves, we’re pumped to take your design to the next level. This is not only a design brand but also a problem solving one.

Our creativity involves putting different pieces of the block together to create the ideal finished product. Communication is always key to clients’ satisfaction. We understand this at Valdvisuals, and we’re ready to work with each of our clients to surpass their expectations.

At Valdvisuals, we specialize in:

  • Graphic designs: •Logos •Posters •Fliers  •Banners  •Book cover designs/mockup  •Movie poster designs  •Music cover designs  •Social media designs  •YouTube banner designs  •YouTube thumbnail designs
  • Digital arts: •Vector artworks •Digital painting •Music cover art  •Character cartoon
  • Photography: •Portraits •Product photography •Event photography
  • Image editing and retouching: •Frequency separation, global/micro dodge and burn •Background removal  •Image enhancement

Here, you’ll find my extensive artwork portfolio, with every single one telling a unique story. I’m sure you’re ready to go on this road to an exciting working relationship.