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Hello there! I am Faloye Oluwadamilola Valentine. An adept visual art expert specialized in graphic design, photography, and digital arts.
Art is my Craft, and I’m ready to take you on a great artistic journey!
Join me, would you?

Faloye Oluwadamilola Valentine

CEO. Valdvisuals



I am Faloye Oluwadamilola Valentine. You can call me the Pen Tool Wizard as I am a visual artist who specializes in graphic designing, photography, and digital artworks. I’ve leveraged my creative and imaginative mind to create top-notch artistic content with over five years of experience in the bag.

There’s a mantra I believe in and use as a constant reminder – “Do what you love; love what you do.” That looks like a simple phrase, but it’s a lot more than that.

Over the years, art has been my biggest drive. I have learnt how to draw creative enlightenment from random pieces. I do not just spot a creative muse, but I also find the passion for telling meaningful design. All of these inspire my visual identity designs.

My graphic design works include logos, brochures, banners, and other related designs. I’m also a professional at digital artworks with vector artworks, digital painting, and character cartooning being my strongest points.

graphic design

Convey Your Message of Credibility and Professionalism

Graphic design is your identity, and it’s time to put yourself and your business out there! “A picture is worth a thousand words.” You must have heard this saying a bazillion times, and we’ll keep saying it because it’s the truth.

When it comes to spreading the word about yourself and your business, nothing beats a professional graphic design. It is the best connection between your prospects and the world. It speaks a lot about your history and philosophy.


Explore the Immortality in Photography

Photography affords immortality, regardless of how you look at it. You never grow older or younger in photographs, helping you last for eternity in picture. Photography is a lot more than taking a picture; it is an art.

Valdvisuals is ready to help you take this art to the next level. Taking pictures is a great way to boost your self-esteem. Photographs can improve the way you dress, think, and behave, and Valdvisuals is ready to take you all the way.

Digital Arts

See the world in a new way

There were days when oil easel painting was the talk of the town. Now, there’s are diverse tools available to create new forms of artistic expressions. It’s time to showcase a different style of creativity!
Let’s help you leverage digital tools to create original pieces of artworks. Little did you know that the light emitted by screens and colour variations have unique ways of improving an artwork. Well, that’s why Valdvisuals is here for you.
We’re ready to help control these specific features to foster the emergence of original forms of art. The vector art style is our specialty. However, our flexibility allows us to deliver digital painting on request.
Valdvisuals is your go-to for every digital artwork project.

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